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September 12, 2011


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This page is my thoughts relating to cinema, there are no critical analysis or review pertaining to Media Studies 144 . This blog is just one of many features I want to take advantage of. (All journal postings regarding to class are in the home page)

Sep 12, 2011 @ 17:49 – For those of you who have seen “Begotten” (1991) directed by E. Elias Merhige or had a near death experience, here is the latest installment of the unofficial (Genesis Creation Story) trilogy “Din of Celestial Birds” (2006) by E.Elias Merhige

Din of Celestial Birds

Aug 28, 2011 @ 14:59 – R.I.P. Yekaterina Golubeva (Екатерина Голубева) 9 October 1966 – 14 August 2011 –

    On a late night while I was reading a newspaper article about Qadaffi’s hideouts my friend text messaged me and asked me if there is any good movies out on netflix. I couldn’t think of one up, so I went online and see if there is anything available that he might like.  Somehow I happened to come across an article about Yekaterina Golubeva’s death, I usually don’t give much thought about such news however one film that comes across my mind because of  her performance is Twentynine Palms (2003), a french film  directed by Bruno Dumont. A photographer and his girlfriend goes out to the Mojave Desert in Central California for some magazine shoot as they have an intimate and sometimes violent sexual relationship. The movie examines the behavior of discourteous and mentally disturbed people in America.  A film that is abhorrently shocking not only because it has subtle anti-american view but one of the most disturbing ending that I have ever seen. The wife of Šarūnas Bartas a Lithuanian film director, Mrs Golubeva is a fine example of such talents to come out of Russia who speaks fluently in french, her performance was riveting and ethereal, she worked with great directors of  french cinema like Claire Denis in such films as I Can’t Sleep (J’ai pas sommeil(1994) & The Intruder (L’Intrus) (2004) and Leos Carax’s Pola X (1999). The cause of her death is unknown I tried looking for other articles and information regarding to her death however none actually states what really happened to her (either that or I’m really lazy). Most fans have speculated that she died from natural causes although she did look sick throughout her career.

Natural desolation: Katerina Golubeva in Bartas's Three Days

The late Golubeva in one of her husband’s film “Trys dienos” (1992)

L’Intrus (2004)

 Yekaterina Golubeva with David Wissak in Dumont’s “Twentynine Palms” (2003)


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